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 Watch Online Rajni Kaand Web Series Cast, Story and Review 

In this article we going to discuss about New web series Rajni Kaand release date, cast, crew, storyline, review and how to watch online. Now web series and short films are most famous and popular to the people. The audience also liked and loved to watch online web series. People liked to watch romantic and dramatic web series to entertainment. Indian's best OTT Platform like Ullu, Kooku, Cineprime, Goodflix, Primeshots etc. Also release their web series every week. 

Rajni Kaand season 1 web series

Watch Cineprime Rajni Kaand Web Series:

Rajni Kaand is an Indian Hindi language web series which has been released by CinePrime ott platform. Cineprime release their web series in every week on their ott platform. Rajni Kaand web series is a romantic and bold of romance web series in cineprime. Full of web series showing bold romancing scene with bold actress. Now cineprime casting their web series by popular and famous actress. The director Ravi making this web series full of romance and interesting. People also loved this web series and enjoy.

Released Date of Rajni Kaand Web Series:

Cineprime ott platform has been released their web series trailer before releasing Rajni Kaand web series. On 3rd June, 2022 Cineprime has been released their web series Rajni Kaand on Cineprime Originals App. This web series has 2 episodes and it released in Hindi language.

Rajni Kaand Web Series Cast:

Now a days, every web series ott platform makes their web series by popular actress. They knows people needs to watch web series. Director Ravi also make his web series Rajni Kaand by casting famous actress Natasha Rajeswari. She also played fantastic and exciting role in others Web series.

Natasha Rajeswari

  • Amit Raina as office Boss

  • Michel Rajput

  • Afaque

  • Nisha

  • Leena Mehta

Above all the characters are playing role on Rajni Kaand season 1 web series 2022. Others cast and characters information will update soon.

Rajni Kaand Web Series Storyline:

Rajni Kaand is a romantic and full of romance dramatic web series. The web series story is about a woman named Rajni. She is a married woman. She applied in a office for job. One day, she going to the office to attend interview for job. She has need that job in any cost. The boss is young, handsome, hot-headed and always angry. Rajni has need this job in any cost and she agree to do anything for the job. The boss also proposed her to get intimate with him. Rajni also agreed to boss proposal and they get intercourse together. 

Rajni Kaand

But interesting and exciting fact is that peon othe office also saw every thing of their intimate situation from security room through security camera. Boss also satisfying Rajni to intimate in different style and every these romancing scene going on. What happened next?  If you want to about these story go to Cineprime App and watch online all episodes of Rajni Kaand web series.

Rajni Kaand Web Series Wiki:

Rajni Kaand web series wiki and details given below -

Name of Series Rajni Kaand
Genre Romance & Drama
Cast Natasha Rajeswari, Amit Raina, Afaque, Nisha, Leena
Season 1
Number of Episode 2
Language Hindi
Released 3 June, 2022
Directed By Ravi
OTT Cineprime App

Rajni Kaand Web Series Review:

Rajni Kaand web series showing us full of romance scene. Hope, you could not seen like this web series. The web series director make this web series to entertain people and people also liked to watch this romantic drama web series. 

How to Watch Online:

Rajni Kaand web series released by Cineprime OTT Platform on their Cineprime Originals App. If you want to watch this web series online, go to Cineprime App and watch online Rajni Kaand web series. Cineprime App is not a free to watch online web series. You have to buy a subscription on Cineprime App then you can watch online Rajni Kaand web series only on Cineprime Originals App.

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